SHOCKING REVELATION: Former Denver Broncos Safety Opens Up On Biggest Disappointment With Broncos.

Justin Simmons, a former safety for the Denver Broncos, is currently in town while he searches for his next NFL job.

During the Nuggets’ playoff run, Simmons was photographed both at a star cornerback Pat Surtain II charity function earlier this week and during games.

On March 7, Simmons was let go by the Broncos, clearing his $18.25 million salary for 2024. After releasing quarterback Russell Wilson, the team took on the biggest dead hit in NFL history and needed cap space.

Additionally, Simmons had eight outstanding seasons in Denver, where he finished with over 600 tackles, two Pro Bowl selections, and 30 interceptions. But he signed on as a rookie in 2016, the year following the Broncos’ triumph in Super Bowl 50. Since then, they haven’t returned to the postseason.

Simmons stated on Monday night, “My biggest reflection when I look back is that I’m just disappointed that I didn’t see this through.” “I couldn’t be there to help us through and return to the postseason, personally.”

Simmons talked about how it’s a team sport and that he obviously can’t play every one of the 11 positions on the field or on both sides of the ball. In that regard, he is correct. Although Simmons was a very talented player for the Broncos, there weren’t enough players on the roster, especially at quarterback.

However, Simmons still maintains a close friendship with several members of the squad and believes that eventually the playoffs will return.

That is something I am aware will occur. excellent coaching, excellent leadership, and great players are present in the building. That will therefore occur sooner rather than later. And there will be a unique atmosphere here when it happens. Yes, I’m quite happy for those folks,” Simmons remarked.

With Simmons in the lineup, the Broncos only had a winning season in 2016. It had to wear on him that they had lost seven straight seasons, even though it wasn’t his fault.

Justin Simmons is currently waiting to play postseason football for the first time, preferably with a contender team.

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