BRONCOS BRIEFS: Jaylen Waddle Contract Extension Set To Alter Courtland Sutton’s Future At Broncos, With The Reigning Go-To Wide Receiver Wanting A Pay Raise. Having been Noticeably absent In Teams OTAs.

Wide receiver Courtland Sutton of the Denver Broncos is requesting a pay increase after finishing the season with 59 receptions, 772-yards, and 10 touchdowns. This is because he is now without a doubt the team’s top receiver after Jerry Jeudy’s departure.

He allegedly wants a new contract that will pay him between $15 million and $16 million, since he is expected to make about $13.6 million this season. On paper, that makes perfect sense, even without any knowledge of a team’s financial situation.

However, given the Broncos’ financial predicament—they owe quarterback bust Russell Wilson money that can only be described as “Bobby Bonilla-lite”—any request for a new contract will be met with resistance.

And now, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, a real AFC contender, has inked a three-year, $85 million deal extension with a $76 million guarantee. Will this change Sutton’s asking price and maybe his standing with the Broncos brass?

Regardless of their output, the Broncos have spent the majority of the summer reducing expenses and removing players, which raises the question, “What’s one more?”

And now, genuine AFC contender Jaylen Waddle, the wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, has signed a three-year, $85 million contract extension with a $76 million guarantee. Will this alter Sutton’s request for a higher payment and perhaps his status among the Broncos brass?

Notwithstanding their performance, the Broncos have largely spent the summer cutting costs and cutting players, so the question is, “What’s one more?”

Inquiries were made in the offseason by the Rams and the Steelers. Given the unexpected retirement of recently signed receiver DeVante Parker, who possesses a skill level similar to Sutton’s, the Eagles may now be a good fit for him.

A trade might breathe new life into Sutton’s still-prime career, help the Broncos shed some cash, and enable a complete rebuild, which has been the team’s offseason strategy for the most part.

Would it make more sense to give a player who will be starting his seventh quarterback season more money, especially as a rookie (don’t fool yourself—Stidham or Wilson aren’t starting) or to let him leave, save some money, and put it away for later?

Despite his experience, Sutton won’t make the difference between this club finishing in the playoffs or being another top-10 draft pick candidate. And why shouldn’t Sutton explore every avenue in light of the recent agreement Waddle received?

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