LOCKED DEAL: No. 1 Leading Rusher In The Nation Is Committed To ‘The Tigers. And Doesn’t Plan On Wavering From His Pledge To The Purple And Gold.

Six months remain until Harlem Berry is able to formally sign with LSU. He has made a verbal commitment to the Tigers and has no intention of reneging on his promise to the Purple and Gold.

“When my mind is made up, it’s made up, in my opinion. I believed that attending LSU was the right choice. I really didn’t want to discuss any more visits. Harlem Berry remarked, “I saw what I wanted to see, and it was over.”

A year ago, On3 named the senior from St. Martin’s the top running back in the nation. Even while he can never silence everyone who questions his high ranking, he proved at a 7-on-7 competition that he can be successful wherever he lines up on the field.

“I’ve been practicing receiving and working the slot during this offseason. I simply went outside and left. Set my skills to preview. Possibly finally silenced some folks, Berry said.

Berry was a member of Fleaux, a 7-on-7 super squad. LSU commits were all over the roster, led by No. 1 overall 2025 recruit Bryce Underwood.

It was rather pleasant. Both on and off the field, it was a pleasant experience. Bryce is a fantastic quarterback with a high IQ. He would occasionally tell us to run a different route and sit open on the plays we had.

Berry remarked, “He got me open, throw great balls, got me open.”

Berry is scheduled to enroll at LSU early. which implies that his final semester at St. Martin’s will be this autumn.


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