VIKINGS TRADE UPDATE: Amid Uncertainty Around WR Brandon Aiyuk, A Proposed Trade By The 49ers To Land A Three-Time All-Pro Wide Receiver From Minnesota Vikings.

In the midst of Brandon Aiyuk’s injury, the San Francisco 49ers have a big opportunity to acquire three-time All-Pro Justin Jefferson.

Jefferson, like Aiyuk, is a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings who is accustomed to greater contracts. He too failed to show up for the start of organized team activities. A fictitious trade arrangement that would allow the 49ers to acquire Jefferson while only losing veteran wideout Jauan Jennings was put out by Andrew Hughes of USA Today’s Vikings Wire.

This implies that for at least 2024, Jefferson, Aiyuk, and Deebo Samuel might form an elite trio for the 49ers. According to Hughes, the 49ers may trade Jennings to the Vikings in exchange for 2025 first and second round draft selections, a 2026 second round pick, and Jennings.

San Francisco would free up $3.43 million in cap space with a trade, even though the 49ers recently signed Jennings to a three-year, $15.39 million contract extension. Anything is helpful because Jefferson has high expectations for his contract and won’t compromise.

Jefferson could fetch $32.5 million a year, according to Spotrac, and he has a fifth-year contract extension with the Vikings at $19.74 million this year.

With just $7.23 million in remaining cap space, San Francisco would have to circumvent the salary cap in addition to making roster cutbacks in order to fulfill Jefferson’s contract demands. In all likelihood, the 49ers would struggle mightily to pull off Hughes’ proposed trade.

Justin Jefferson Would Exceed All Expectations Void, Brandon Aiyuk

If the 49ers had to part with their best receiver from the previous campaign, he would more than satisfy the vacuum left by Aiyuk. Aiyuk’s contract is worth $14.12 million for the fifth year, while Spotrac estimates that he could fetch $26.5 million a year.

The 49ers were not helped when wide receiver Jaylen Waddle of the Miami Dolphins received a $84.75 million one-year deal. That ranked Waddle in the top five receivers in terms of compensation, and Aiyuk is looking for that kind of money.

When he appeared on “The Night Cap” podcast in the spring alongside Shannon Sharpe and former NFL player Chad Johnson, he stated as much.


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