WILDCATS NEWS: 3-Star Overtime Is “Blessed” And “Excited” About Receiving An Offer From Kentucky, Believes Mike Pope Is An “Amazing Coach” And Was Thrilled About His Selection.

The Kentucky Wildcats have made 3-star offensive tackle Gabriel Osenda an offer as they look to carry on the Big Blue Wall heritage.

In April, Kentucky extended an offer to 6-foot-7, 300-pound offensive tackle Osenda from Clearwater, Florida.
Osenda was thrilled to accept the offer since he understood that Kentucky frequently produces NFL quality.

“I was thrilled to get an offer from a fantastic program run by a wonderful coach who has developed a lot of players that are capable of playing in the NFL.” Osenda tells A Sea of Blue, “I felt really blessed.

While Osenda is aware of the Big Blue Wall, he feels that safeguarding the quarterback or running back is his first responsibility.

“I picture it as the linemen in the trenches performing their responsibilities and forming a wall to protect the running back or quarterback. When it’s time to advance and add to their offensive, I think I could help with that,” Osenda states.

The coach of Osenda has been in communication with the Kentucky coaches, and the two are now developing a rapport. Because of his recent NFL success, Osenda thinks he might envision himself playing at Kentucky, even if their relationship is still developing.

Since the ultimate objective is to keep raising the bar at which I play, it will undoubtedly play a significant role, according to Osenda.

Since he is in the class of 2026, he is still in the process of making decisions and determining which programs he is interested in. This is because it is still early in his recruiting.

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