VIKINGS NEWS UPDATE: Speculations Grow As Three Time Pro-Bowler Wide Receiver Is Poised To Land The Largest Contract In NFL History For A Non-Quarterback. Which Could Cost The Vikings Jordan Addison.

There are two young, capable wide receivers on the Minnesota Vikings roster. One, Justin Jefferson, is about to become the highest paid player in the league who is not a quarterback.


The other is Jordan Addison, who was selected by the Vikings in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. He is already showing that he is more gifted than other WR2s in this league.

With how things are going, Jefferson, who is in the final year of his rookie deal, should soon receive a massive salary. One veteran NFL executive finds it difficult to imagine the Vikings ever paying two wide receivers the amount they will ultimately have to pay Jordan Addison, on top of whatever JJ ends up earning, given the amount of money Jefferson will fetch (~$35 million per year).

Will Jordan Addison be lost by the Minnesota Vikings if Justin Jefferson is extended?

However, Randy Mueller, a former NFL executive who currently contributes to The Athletic, thinks he has a superior concept. He would be getting ready to trade Jordan Addison before he ever became expensive if he were in charge of the front office of the Minnesota Vikings.

It’s arguable that Jefferson is the finest receiver in the league, so Minnesota ought to extend him. However, the expense will make it harder to spend money elsewhere, such as on Jordan Addison, a 22-year-old first-round choice who will have to pay off his rookie contract.

Of then, a good quarterback on a five-year rookie contract might be just what the doctor ordered if the Vikings’ evaluation of J.J. McCarthy turns out to be right. When Addison’s contract expires, I would continue to churn WR2 and pay Jefferson if I were in charge of the Vikings.

The takeaway: If it’s not Addison, it will be a significant other.

But Randy’s argument goes farther. The Minnesota Vikings will need to make cuts elsewhere on the roster after Jefferson signs his contract. Christian Darrisaw will receive compensation. TJ Hockenson and Brian O’Neill are already being compensated. Additionally, upgrades elsewhere will cost money, etc.

That being said, there will inevitably be roster sacrifices. Addison, will that be? That is contingent upon his performance, the level of interest from others, the players the Vikings have behind him, and other factors.


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