‘THE SUNS’ UPDATE: For Kevin Durant, A Proposed Three-Way Trade Sends The Suns’ Breakout Player. Who Just Made The 2024 All-NBA Second Team.

The Phoenix Suns will need to consider their options regarding Kevin Durant. They might stick together for the duration of his career, but it doesn’t seem likely that they will go very far beyond where they are now.

They could try to take advantage of Durant’s trade value. In order to help the Suns recoup value for Durant, Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey suggested a three-way trade involving the Suns, Golden State Warriors, and Orlando Magic.

Suns Get: Caleb Houstan, Kevon Looney, Brandin Podziemski, Jonathan Kuminga, Orlando (via Denver) will select a first-round pick in 2025. Golden State will select a first-round pick in 2026.

Chris Paul, Gary Payton II, and a 2028 second-round selection (via Boston) are received by Magic.

Warriors Get Jett and Durant In addition to avoiding the tax penalties imposed by their league, Howard Bailey clarified the Suns’ decision to return that package.

The Suns would undoubtedly be playing a worse game, but if Kuminga and Brandin Podziemski keep improving, they should still be able to challenge for a play-in position. As a backup five, Kevon Looney would be preferable to Drew Eubanks in terms of experience and adaptability. Additionally, Caleb Houstan is a compelling prospect for a squad in need of some young players.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant referred to each other as their “only hope”

Since the Suns’ season concluded, there has been a lot of discussion about Durant joining the Warriors again. The Game radio personality Mark Willard of 95.7 gave an explanation of why he thinks the two should get back together.

There’s not much time left. Considering how young the NBA is, nobody would think that adding KD will be sufficient in any case. I can perform the Princess Leia while observing [the Warriors and KD]. The only hope for each other is you.
Between 2016 and 2019, Durant and Curry appeared in three NBA Finals and won two titles together. The farthest Durant has gone is the conference semifinals, despite the fact that Curry has won another championship since he and Durant parted ways.

11th NBA All-Star Team Named with Kevin Durant

Durant got credit for his efforts even though he and the Suns didn’t achieve much.
Durant and Suns teammate Devin Booker were named to the 2024 All-NBA second and third teams, respectively, according to the NBA Communications’ X account.

Durant’s selection marks his eleventh All-NBA team and sixth selection to the second team. Considering all that Durant has accomplished since beginning his NBA career in 2007, his resume is already quite impressive.

Although Durant’s induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame seemed inevitable upon his retirement, this further demonstrates his continued excellence at the age of 35.

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