SHOTS FIRED: LSU Tigers Five-Star Passer Mocks Michigan’s QB Development, Rubbing Salt Into The Wolverines After They Missed Out On Securing His Pledge.

In a recent interview with On3 Sports, five-star signal caller Bryce Underwood discussed his recruitment process. For his devotion in that exchange, he had some fascinating things to say about the runner-up.

This past January, Underwood—who is rated as the top player in the country for the 2025 class, regardless of position—selected LSU over Michigan. He made matters worse for the Wolverines this week by not securing his pledge, which hurt them much.

The quarterback discussed his decision to sign with the Tigers, stating that the team’s recent progress at the position was the deciding factor.

In addition to NFL great Joe Burrow winning a national championship for LSU throughout the previous five years, Jayden Daniels earned the Heisman Trophy this past season.

Despite coming from different universities, none of them was able to replicate their earlier success in Baton Rouge once they arrived on school. It seems that Bryce Underwood took notice and decided to stick with the Tigers for the duration of his football career.

However, in addition to praising LSU’s track record of success behind the center, he also disparaged Michigan.
It was difficult for Underwood to identify a top-tier Wolverine passer from the (recent) past.
He must have missed the draft this year, since JJ McCarthy was chosen with the first pick! Naturally, that was a few picks after Daniels was selected at number two.

McCarthy joined his former coach Jim Harbaugh, who was selected 26th in the 1987 NFL Draft, as the only other quarterback from UM to be selected on the first round.

Six signal callers have been selected by the Wolverines since 2000, beginning with sixth-round selection Tom Brady. Brady certainly accomplished great success, but those who came after him—Drew Henson, John Navarre, Chad Henne, and Jake Rudock—did not.

Perhaps Bryce Underwood was right!

After being rejected by the gifted prospect, Michigan supporters are aggravated by the remarks even more. When he gets to Baton Rouge, we’ll see if he can travel in Burrow and Daniels’ footsteps.


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